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If you are already eating a whole foods diet and have completely cut out sugar and or have already gone through a RESTART program and dialed into your digestion. It may be time to look at a diet specifically tailored towards you. 



Everyone is unique and has a unique microbiome if you're here you probably already know a little bit about the microbiome, but if you want to know more Download my Free E-book to learn more. 


We all have different circumstances, environments, local foods, and stressors that shape our microbiome. Research is showing that our microbiome directly affects our digestion, mood, energy, weight, and illnesses, overall well-being, and more. 


It can be that the unique composition of your microbiome can be unable to digest even seemingly healthy foods. Healthy foods can become invaders, hence why you feel like you eat a whole foods diet and you feel like you still have nagging symptoms.  Some even healthy foods can cause gut irritation, for example, Spinach a "healthy" food that may not be well digested by you, so it's maybe not that healthy for you.


So it may be time to look inside and see what your microbiome looks like. Taking a look inside dials into the strains that you have, what you are able to digest or what microbes you possibly need to replenish to digest these healthy foods in the future and or get the most nutrition out of your foods. 


You may be tired of elimination diets and just really want to know YOUR diet. The great thing about taking a VIome test is that it allows you to look inside your gut, see your strains, and eliminate foods that make be irritants or causing inflammation. Inflammation can be a contributing factor to dysfunction and gut health. 


You get to see "healthy" foods that may not be that healthy for you at the moment and get recommendations for diet and microbiome support that can help rebuild your microbiome. 


Although Viome is user-friendly and gives you tailored recommendations from your sample it may not be a stand-alone test.


You may want to interpret your results and or still need a rebalancing of organ systems and digestion systems while you rebuild your microbiome. I also offer interpretation packages and services for rebalancing your digestion and systems using the Viome diet. Please contact me for more information if you want to take the individualized diet further.


I can personally attest to Viome and that my personal dynamic microbiome was changing and I was having reactions to healthy foods. Viome helped me so that I wasn't so limited. It helped get the maximum nutrition from my healing foods and eliminating my irritating foods that had become hard for me to identify. My irritants were not that of a general wholefoods diet or AIP diet and knowing helped my sanity and my gut.  Along with rebalancing support of other areas it gave me energy and a new relationship with my diet and healing. 


For information about Viome . Visit them Here.




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