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"For the first time in years, I'm getting a good night's sleep thanks to Stephanie Brening's assessment of our house. Cutting the power, shielding the windows from neighbor's wi-fi booster and putting shielding mats under the bed did the trick. Worth every penny." -Claudia, OR

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GeoVital consultants like Stephanie Brening are able to analyze your home or office and address any issues pertaining to geopathic stress, EMF (electromagnetic frequencies), EF (electric fields), and RF (radio frequencies).

​During this process, she will actually enter your home, obtain a data measurement of the EMF, EF, and RF levels, assess the condition, and determine the best plan of action to help mitigate these stressors going forward.

If you are interested in an assessment for your home, or if you’d like to know more about the process, please feel free to

contact Stephanie.

More about Stephanie Brening

Stephanie Brening decided to earn her certification as an EMF consultant in a moment of desperation. Both she and her clients were hitting similar progress plateaus within their healing journeys. Feeling perplexed and a bit hopeless, she decided to investigate the environment in which she lived and how it may be affecting her path to truly healing. After a great deal of research, education, and mentorship, she finally concluded that EMFs, RFs, and geopathic stress had silently been sabotaging the end goal of healing and embracing a lifestyle of all-encompassing health. After earning her certification in Austria, she began offering vital assessments to her clients as part of their lifestyle change and the results were incredible. Today, she’s extremely grateful for the plateaus and moments of frustration that led her to this valuable information and enabled her to help others protect themselves and their families. If you’d like to know more about EMF or EMF consultations,  please check out both

Health Stronghold (North Americans chapter of Geovital) or Geovital to learn more about EMF consultations. 

If you feel unsure about receiving a consultation or perhaps it’s not the right fit at the moment, you can still make changes in your home that will reduce EMF exposure by downloading Stephanie’s DIY guide.

To Learn more about Electromagnetic Frequencies, Electric Feilds and Radio Frequencies, and Geopathic Stress please read below.

All-Encompassing Health

How shielding from EMF, RF, EF, and geopathic stress can contribute to overall health and healing.


Stephanie Brening

MA, NTP, EMF, RF, EF, Geopathic Stress Consultant


The modern world is fast-paced, filled with technology at every turn, and fueled by preservatives and promises of quick and easy solutions. Our homes, workplaces, restaurants, movie theaters, stores, and everything in between are now outfitted to ensure maximum electrical use at any given moment. The foods we purchase and consume are a far cry from the nutrient-dense whole foods our species once thrived upon. As a result, there’s an ever-growing list of illnesses followed by harsh medication therapy that further robs our bodies of nutrients. We’re living in an unconscious state; awakened only by markers of sickness, exhaustion, and the helpless feeling that accompanies a lack of understanding behind what’s causing these issues. Stephanie Brening has devoted herself to finding the answers and formulating easily accessible and practical solutions that last. All-encompassing health is accomplished through a number of simple yet effective changes. It requires thinking outside of the box (which she will do for you), having a bit of willingness to swim against the current, and a commitment to stick with this new lifestyle (the results will speak for themselves)!


We have a nationwide nutritional epidemic that requires a complete overhaul in diet and approach. As owners of these bodies, it’s our responsibility to adequately provide nutritional support that promotes healing and maximizes function on a day-to-day basis.

Many people have found themselves in hopeless states of disease and dysfunction (Stephanie included) with what feels like no way out. Medications stop working or start creating a host of new ailments and issues that require separate treatments altogether. Yet all along, we’ve had access to food; the most powerful medicine available. However, we haven’t always understood how and what to use in order to facilitate true healing from the inside out. The term food in this case is specifically referring to whole foods, which are nutrient-dense and come from the ground, the trees, or the ocean. Whole foods deliver essential nutrients the body needs and cannot make on its own.

They fuel our cells and maintain each and every function so the body can work symbiotically to maintain and regain vitality.


It’s also important to mention that nutrition and holistic health are not static; food and lifestyle will rebalance, carry, and protect your cells, but is that enough?


Exposure from magnetic frequencies, electric fields, radio frequencies, and geopathic stress create healing barriers that can tamper with an individual’s healing process. Exposure can affect every cell in your body, according to

multiple studies and peer-reviewed documentation from the National Toxicology Program of the effects on cell and DNA damage. These exposures are frequent and typically come from commonly known sources such as cell phone towers, smart meters, power lines, electricity (both inside and outside), and natural stress from the Earth via ground mixing, fault lines, water veins, and grid lines.


The best time for rest and recovery for our cells is sleep, when we flush out toxins, heal, and gain energy for the next day. But sleep can be impacted greatly by all of the above exposures.


Without true sleep, you will never truly heal, rebalance, and replenish. Whether you know it or not, you are more than likely affected by one of the disturbances above. Eliminating these disturbances can take your efforts of nutritional rebalance and support further.

While sleeping amidst a playground of exposure, you will never experience “true sleep”, which is a bubble free from electric disturbances, magnetic fields, radio frequencies, and geopathic stress. True sleep can easily be achieved once your sleeping environment is tested for the effects of magnetic fields, electric fields, radio frequencies, and geopathic stressors using state-of-the-art equipment by a qualified GeoVital consultant (EMF/EMR/Geopathic consultant) like Stephanie.


All of these fields, frequencies, and energies are poisonous and contribute to a myriad of health concerns, according to the Madrid International Scientific Declaration. A consultant can accurately assess and recommend the best (and most minimally invasive) shielding material to protect you from poisonous frequencies with items such as fabrics, paints, mesh, and/or geopathic stress mats. Once you’ve removed the poison, you can enjoy true sleep and fully begin to heal. The whole food nutrients consumed throughout the day can finally take full effect and revitalize your cells as you sleep in a room shielded from harmful frequencies.


*Stephanie Brening is a certified Nutritional Therapist Practitioner and Geovital consultant who assesses homes for EMF/RF/EF/geopathic stress. Stephanie uses whole foods and nutritional options to help rebalance and heal clients at her private practice, and implements an all-encompassing health approach by examining destructive external factors affecting health and healing (including frequencies and stressors).

GEOPATHIC STRESS- What exactly is it?

Stephanie Brening is specially trained in handling geopathic stress and certified to sell a method developed and patented by GeoVital to mitigate its impacts. To learn more about this revolutionary solution for geopathic stress, click here

NOTE: All geopathic stress assessments are included in a scheduled home assessment by Stephanie.

To fully understand what Geopathic stress is and why it's so important, please be sure and read this. However, please note that any information listed is for educational purposes ONLY in order to help you better understand the process. Please do not, at any time, attempt to implement these solutions on your own without a certified consultant. If you’d like a geopathic stress assessment and/or are interested in purchasing a geopathic stress mat, you can contact me HERE.

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