Holiday Sugar and best solutions!

The holidays and sugar are pretty much unavoidable. Sugar is essentially a part of every cultural holiday and Thanksgiving is upon us. The holidays are a wonderful time full of warm gatherings and good comfort foods. This is when our 80/20 rule of organic whole foods... 80% of the time and 20% of whatever foods probably gets a workout. Of course, no sugar is the better option and helps maintain our blood sugar and keeps our energy and vitality steady; but if there is any time of the year to use that 20%, it’s the holidays (a time to share a sweet treat with family and friends).

But what if that 20% didn’t have to be so "whatever"? Keeping in line with nutrition, let's talk about sugar and some differences. Refined white sugar, which is what is in most holiday processed and pre-baked goods is completely stripped of all minerals and nutrients and is empty sugar. 1 Tbsp of processed sugar has a glycemic index of 65 and has no vitamins and minerals.

So aren’t there some better choices for holiday sugar...YES!!!! Below please find my top favorite sweeteners with some nutritional value. Also please find some recipes and tips included in my holiday sugar guide as to include more whole foods sugar desserts in your menu this holiday.

Happy Holidays and enjoy your 20%!!!

ENJOY your Click Here for your HOLIDAY SUGAR GUIDE with recipes and more

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