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So glad you are here!!!

Picture your Health is about how you envision your best health: you may already know what you want your health to look like and you are here to get information or the picture of how to get to a healthy place.  There are so many health opinions and diets out there.

Picture Your Health was designed to mitigate confusion by narrowing down extensive research materials and 12 years of professional and personal wisdom into helpful concepts and solutions you can grasp and put to use for alternative health and healing options.


Picture your Health is for EVERYONE and we empower everyone to take charge of their health, whether you; want your kids to grow up in a healthier world, make healthy lunches the new norm at school or work, help work towards helping to eliminate climate change, want to get healthy on a budget, want your kids to get interested in health, want to heal from an autoimmune condition, surgery, want to thrive to 120 years, or simply just want to learn to cook wholefoods!!! Whatever your why is it's yours!!! Let your why to drive you to engage in health in a whole new format. Welcome to pictures of health.

I hope the Picture Your Health interactive website creates a space where you can go to learn, grow, and flourish in your health journey.


How to use the website:


In each blog (or on each page), you’ll see a few pictures with descriptive words. Just hover over the pictures and a small description with actionable steps will appear. Happy hovering!



Join the community of 800,000+ People in the search for knowledge in alternative health!

Monthly tools that make your journey a little more fun and easier!

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What is a Wholefood Diet?

A wholefood diet is a nourishing and nutrient-dense diet that provides the vitamins and minerals our body needs to not only function, but to flourish. It’s a return to our humble beginnings as a species and is comprised of food that comes from the ocean, the ground, and the trees. Contrary to what you find in any grocery store at any time, this diet is devoid of chemicals, pesticides, processed materials, and synthetic ingredients. Many popular diets have emerged from the idea of a solely whole food approach. But know that one person's wholefood diet looks different than the next and collaborating on tips is beneficial but comparing is detrimental, so don't confine yourself to a popular diet.

The Food Wheel of Whole FOODS

No more Pyramids


Wearing your food can start a conversation. The Food Pyramid makes a nice poster on your fridge as a healthy reminder for you and the family reminder what is the diet for health. 

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