How do I maintain a healthy lifestyle? I WING IT!

In the spirit of full disclosure, I’ll begin by admitting that I am, in fact, rather lazy when it comes to cooking. I have the grandest of intentions when it comes to cooking for myself and others and the “recipes to make” folder I’ve saved is overflowing with proof. When I am able to spare the time, I absolutely LOVE trying new recipes (especially complicated ones) and savoring the feelings of accomplishment, connection, and gratitude that result.


However, the reality of my life and the lives of many clients I’ve worked with, is that time is a wonderful, yet limited space broken out into twenty-four hour segments that can only hold so much. When a free moment arises, I’ve found that I’d prefer to spend time meditating, practicing yoga, relaxing with my family, and engaging in anything else that fills my cup both from a wellness standpoint and a self-care perspective (healing is multifaceted).


So, what does this cooking tug of war actually look like in my life today? Well, it looks like a pie chart where eighty percent of the time, I Wing It! I’ve found that I can still properly nourish my body, meet its specific needs, and please my taste buds by following a few easy recipes I’ve memorized and applying the Wing It philosophy. Though extremely simple and quick to make, these recipes are still organic and follow all of the rules I’ve laid out in order to nutritionally prosper.


When I decided to embrace the Wing It mentality, taking care of myself became a privilege and a joy instead of a daunting task where I set high expectations and/or overwhelmed myself with the massive array of food content that’s available today. I let go of the inner chatter, outer influences, and began to heal and, most importantly, feel the freedom that comes from proper nourishment.


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My Story

I am a Nutritional Therapist Practitioner who helps people integrate a simplified version of healing and nourishing food to help rebalance and heal oneself. Using a combination of the practices of holistic health and bio-individual wholefood diets, I can show you how to Heal Yourself!


Internal signals of dysfunction began for me when I was as young as 15, I ignored or misunderstood those symptoms until they more aggressively manifested when I was 20. These symptoms presented as neurological brain lesions that affected my motor skills and caused severe vertigo. I underwent spinal taps and more as doctors attempted to diagnose my condition. To me, this was evidence of the gut-brain connection. 


I reached a point of frustration that helped me make the decision to “seize the day” and decided to do more than take the medical analyses I was being given at their face value. I began checking out hundreds of alternative health books from the library, and read and adapted bits of pieces of what I learned to change my life to the healthier version I live today. I came to believe that the problems in my brain were the product of my gut dysfunction and treated myself with a nutritional, bio-individual health-management plan. I am here after 12 years of holistic research and personal experience, which I have supplemented with additional formal education from respected, holistic educational institutions.


I can tell you that changing your life can be hard, but that it can also be easier than you think. I would like to share a journey with you where you learn to listen to your own body and find a bio-individual food path of your very own. Let me share with you all of the knowledge that helped me pinpoint my healing and life changes (food, emotion, connection).  This knowledge has helped me to feel the best I have ever felt and conceive a child I thought I could never have.

My Philosophy

We are all complex individuals, but you can educate yourself with the tools that will balance your body’s digestive systems that give you energy and vitality.  Ultimately, diet and digestion can affect every part of your life and vise versa.

But you shouldn't have to endlessly search for healing answers, my philosophies are that health and healing can be easy. My goal is to streamline health and healing for everyone

My Credentials


Certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner

Nutritional Therapy Association

Bachelors Arts and Science
Psychology and Communication

University of Colorado at Boulder


Consulting for:

EMF/RF/Geopathic Stress to implement home and or office shielding


Master of Development Studies

University of New South Wales Sydney, Aus.

Reading and interpretation of genetic tests.