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About Picture your Health

We are all complex individuals, but you can educate yourself with the tools that will balance your body’s digestive systems that give you energy and vitality.  Ultimately, diet and digestion can affect every part of your life and vise versa.

But you shouldn't have to endlessly search for healing answers, my philosophies are that health and healing can be easy. My goal is to streamline health and healing for everyone.

I’m a certified Functional Nutritional Therapist and Wholefoods is my underlying principle, but humans aren’t static and my journey extends beyond the plate. Wellness is a very diverse subject that incorporates a wide range of topics, some of which are overwhelmingly complex or frankly, just uninteresting. I always wished I’d had some sort of synopsis or general overview that provided the information I needed in a more simplistic and digestible manner. As a result, I began creating images and diagrams in order to break down the more difficult material into something tangible and visceral.  This approach makes the information more accessible for people of all ages and facilitates a deeper understanding versus reading countless scientific journals or buying various books on specialized topics that end up sitting on the shelf collecting dust.


Picture Your Health was designed to mitigate confusion by narrowing down extensive research materials into helpful concepts and solutions you can grasp and put to use.



I hope the Picture Your Health interactive website creates a space where you can go to learn, grow, and flourish in your health journey.


How to use the website:


In each blog (or on each page), you’ll see a few pictures with descriptive words. Just hover over the pictures and a small description with actionable steps will appear. Happy hovering!



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