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We work together so we can help the body change quickly. The most effective way to enact change is with a series of 6 to 10 sessions scheduled during a 3 to 9-month time frame. Signing up for one of my Consultation Packages is the best way to get the most for your health


But one session may be all you need to change your life!


I offer both options.



I offer both a la carte services and package deals.


Prices vary, as I do accept couples consultations, family consultations, and new parent consultations.

I prefer to hold sessions in person, but due to distance restraints, today appointments can be scheduled via Skype or phone. 

What is included in my appointments

  1. During a consultation you will receive one-on-one consulting where we talk about your concerns and where you want to be.

  2. I will provide tools to implement dietary and lifestyle changes tailored to you.

  3. I will make nutritional recommendations and send you home with reminders of items we discuss in your appointment.


I also provide email or phone support in addition to your appointment during my office hours. Questions come up and I want to be there for you.

Intial Consultation

This is a 90-120 minute appiontment. We go over the questionaire and a 3 day food journal that you will fill out and return to me 1 week prior to your sheduled appointment.

You will also receive an email invitation to fill out an online health questionnaire.

Email me to set up your FREE 15 Minute phone consult!!!!!!!!

See if you want to work together or if you have further questions.


I conduct RESTART® workshops on a monthly basis for community members.


At various groups: college students, birth centers, yoga centers, and many more.

Please contact me if you have a group that is interested in setting up a workshop. Or click below if you would like to register for the current workshop.

Additional Services-Al La Cart


  1. Home visit-where we clean your pantry, look at personal products you use that may affect your health, and show you how to restock your life with healthy items.

  2. Grocery Shop/local vendors (farmers market) shopping. Here we learn how to read labels, what questions to ask at your local market, and how to get the most “bang for your buck”.

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