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Online grocery

Thrive Market

Buying your groceries online can require planning but is worth it for the cost savings on staples. 

Click Here to look at Thrive or try and free 30 days.

Transdermal Therapy

A non-homogenized, non-pasteurized ghee. 

Ghee can be found on Thrive Pure Indian Foods Ghee

For quality magnesium spray and Magnesium spray with sulfur. Ancient minerals is a quality brand 

A great place to get slow rendered animal fats for cooking. FAT WORKS. Also some Fatworks also available at Thrive.



Screen Shot 2019-07-14 at 11.25.38

Xtrema cookware is a ceramic nontoxic coated pan. 

BERKEY WATER FILTER: Water is so essential it should be considered a food group. The best stainless steel water filter that filters out all contaminates.

Screen Shot 2019-10-01 at 9.36.01 AM.png

CBD Oil. Not all are created equal. WAAYB CBD is a superior product. Click here to take a look at why. 

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