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DUST AND Indoor Allergens

A good vacuum can be so crucial to your health. Old and cheap vacuums not only have no sustainability programs for manufacturing, but they have bad filters that can just recirculate allergens. If it smells like a dog or you find yourself feeling or sneezing dusty after vacuuming these are signs of a bad vacuum. Dyson is one of the best vacuums I have ever used, and I have histamine reactions to dust mites and indoor allergens. If you can't make the Dyson investment it may be best to get yourself a broom. 

3 Ingredients to clean your entire home

Traditional cleaning products contain known cancer-causing chemicals that disrupt: your lungs, your microbiome, and your overall toxic load.  To see how toxic traditional products are visit .In health, if there is one area you can save money in health it's cleaning.

You can safely clean your entire house with 3 products. That kills germs and supports your health.

1) White vinegar

2) Baking Soda

2) Castile soap. 

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We wear clothes right next to our skin and it is with us all day long and as we slip into Pjs and sheets at night, dry ourselves with towels. The list goes on. Whatever you wash and dry with is on the front lines of toxic insults and may contain chemicals that cause cancer, autoimmunity, neurological issues, and the list goes on. Washing your clothes with nontoxic ingredients detergents can make a huge impact on your overall health. I say the rule here too is here just like food fewer ingredients is more and washing products derived from nature even better (no chemicals). Charlie's is on my list because if you have some serious laundry to do it non toxically does the job. Sold online or at your local health store-note, Charlie's ingredients have been altered from their original form but they are still hypo allergenic and nontoxic.

Wine & Dessert Party

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