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Negative health impact of Toxic Detergents! Get you and your Laundry Room Healthy.

We wear clothes right next to our skin and it is with us all day long and as we slip into Pjs and sheets at night, dry ourselves with towels: the list goes on of things we wash. Whatever you wash and dry is could be on the front lines of toxic insults and may contain chemicals that cause cancer, autoimmunity, neurological issues, and other health conditions. Please review and maybe check some of common ingredients in your detergents at: EWG and the negative impact they maybe having on your health. Washing your clothes with nontoxic ingredients detergents can make a huge impact on your overall health. I say the rule here too is just like food the fewer the ingredients the better, washing products derived from nature even better (no chemicals). Charlie's is on my list because if you have some serious laundry to do it will non toxically do the job. Sold online or at your local health store-note, Charlie's ingredients have been altered from their original form but they are still hypo allergenic and nontoxic (and it comes in a recycled plastic bag).

There is undoubtedly research and about perfumes and certain ingredients in detergents that cause autoimmunity, neurological issues, heart problems, and more, the list goes one. To learn more about conventional products detrimental ingredients decode some again please visit.

The same goes for dryer sheets especially scented dryer sheets.

Alternative is wool dryer balls with a little choice of essential oil on the dryer ball. Smells great and doesn't cause harm.

The cleanest of the clean laundry products can be found here


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