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I am a certified Functional Nutritional Therapist Practitioner (FNTP) who helps people integrate a simplified version of healing and nourishing food to help rebalance and heal oneself. Using a combination of the practices of holistic health, bio-individual whole food diets, and so much more I am here today symptom-free and literally oiling (with high-quality oils and fats) the machine I call my body to be the most energetic and bright self I can be. Holistic Health far reaches beyond your plate and over the years it has been a long journey of education and being my own experiment to pinpoint the best items you can surround yourself with, put on your body, in your body, movement practices, and so much more. I started Picture your Health to share holistic health and alternative health findings in an all-encompassing format with everyone. Sometimes holistic health felt like I was piecing it together. I developed the platform and educational platform to make health fun and put the whole picture together for you so you can see what your health and life could look like. No more piecing it together it will all be here on Picture your Health. 


Internal signals of dysfunction began for me when I was as young as 15, I ignored or misunderstood those symptoms until they more aggressively manifested when I was 20. These symptoms presented as neurological brain lesions that affected my motor skills and caused severe vertigo. I reached a point of frustration as the autoimmunity conditions piled up: Thyroid, adrenal, and other dysfunction occurred. Something had to change and so it did, and Picture your Health is here for you and so it did.

 I am here after 12 years of holistic research and personal experience, which I have supplemented with additional formal education from respected, holistic educational institutions, and excited to share all with you.  

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