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WHAT? Toilet paper can contain chemicals and has a huge plastic impact on the environment.

Toilet paper can contain harmful: chemicals, perfumes, dyes, and other recycled material that can be absorbed by your body including plastics like BPA. 

Choose toilet paper that is not only good for you but good for the environment. Toilet paper is something we all use and all the plastic that our toilet paper ends up in the landfill and has an environmental impact. Choose a healthy TP and no plastic wrapping. Bamboo is a good option.

Filter Chlorine out of your shower Water

Chlorine is a neurotoxin. And is a vapor that is being released during your hot shower or bath. You can absorb chlorine through your lungs and through your skin. A simple shower filter can filter out high levels of chlorine used in municipal water systems. Chlorine wreaks havoc on an array of microbiomes:

1) Gut

2) Skin

3) Hair (can make dull and lifeless)

It can cause neurological issues. Quality Water is one of the essences of health.

*Notice the softness of your hair change almost immediately.

A squatty Potty gives you the proper angle to expel all waste. And you want all waste out. Healthy bathroom Healthy movement. 

Wine & Dessert Party

A Non Toxic shower curtain

Plastic or vinyl shower curtains can also be off-gassing chemicals like formaldehyde and other chemicals that can cause respiratory issues. Showering should be a chemical-free experience.

Choosing an organic cotton shower curtain if you have a shower curtain in your house can be a safe option. You will need to wash it often to get rid of accumulating bacteria if you often get your shower curtain wet. 

there are lots of organic cotton shower curtains nowadays. Google search keywords: 

Organic cotton shower curtain

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