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Revamping your home to be nontoxic is health-supportive to you and to the environment. 

Replacing items as you need them or just redoing areas in your home can be productive to your health. People can spend 90% of their time indoors and it can be more polluted than outdoors. Sometimes External environmental factors can be contributing to allergies, energy levels, and well-being. This can be especially important when your detoxing, healing, and or if you feel like you have plateaued by eating a whole foods diet. Remember that health is all-encompassing and we are not static: what you touch, sleep on, paint with, cook with, etc. can all contribute to your body's environmental chemical load-Which you have to detox.

**Using the picture your health website is easy. You simple click on each room and it will take you to each room and give you a tour of all the items in a room that can promote a healthy daily routine and home life. If you want more research and science on the why please get into by clicking a then end. 

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