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Cheese and Radish Snack

A summer treat. Cheese and Radishes. On these hot beautiful days something that is a tasty and wonderful for you is a nice cheese and radish snack.

Radishes come in many varieties and the one pictured happens to be a watermelon radish, one of my favs, it has just a hint of spice. But Radishes provide that crunch you get from crackers with health promoting properties.

Radishes are high in sulfur, which is a nutrient that aids in many detox pathways and aids your liver to get rid of daily toxins that we are exposed to. Sulfur provides enzyme reactions that detoxify and help us metabolize other foods. Sulfur is great to replenish because we use so much sulfur everyday!!

I like them with raw grass-fed goat cheddar. Which is a great protein additive to your


Its easy (which is my favorite snack), refreshing, health promoting, and crunchy!!!

Give it a try tell me what you think. . . . . .


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