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Replenish -Transdermal Therapy

Why it can be better than taking a vitamin.

Transdermal Therapy works by osmosis and bypasses your digestion and is absorbed through your skin into your blood making it extremely bioavailable and ready for use by your body.

You may be familiar with Epsom Salt as a nice therapy for aches and pains, after a massage or to get rid of toxins. Although Epsom Salt soaks are very health-beneficial, they are not from the earth. Epsom Salt is a chemically-derived product, made by combining sulfur and magnesium compounds developed in labs.

WHAT IS THE BENEFIT OF NATURAL SOAKS. Natural Salt from pristine areas can provide the body with natural sulfur and magnesium (compounds we most need in our stressful world, as both are excreted with stress and constantly need to be replaced). Natural forms are more easily accepted by our bodies for the hundreds of biochemical processes for which it needs magnesium and sulfur. Although natural products may have a higher price tag, you absorb more of the benefits more quickly than the amount of a synthetically-produced product you need to achieve the same result, so ultimately you are spending the same.

ADDED BONUS-natural salt is similar to a vitamin as it provides us with trace minerals that are needed in other processes, and many of us don’t ingest enough of those trace minerals from other sources. I love Ancient Minerals for soaks and always have a bottle of their magnesium spray handy for the days when my muscles are tense or is great for post workout relaxation!!!

See if you need more magnesium in your life

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