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Flu Season is in full force!!! Support yourself!!


February 1, 2018

Stephanie Brening, NTP

It’s winter, and that means flu season is in full force! After winter, spring arrives and with it comes a number of pesky cold viruses!

However, YOU can support and protect yourself from colds and flus (or at least make them shorter and less intense) through a nutritional approach!

When we feel sick, we of course want to reach for comfort food (anything to feel better), but cookies, excess carbohydrates, and bubbly drinks can actually prolong our sickness.

Cycling these powerful whole food remedies into your daily food routine will help boost your immune system and enable you to heal at a much quicker pace!

See below for some great options on flu/cold prevention and expedited healing!


Cabbage juice contains sulfur and other liver-supporting/detoxifying enzymes. When we’re sick, our liver (aka our main detox organ) really needs as much help as it can get, and sulfur is an amazing way to accomplish this. Also, if you consume red cabbage juice, you’re automatically receiving a heaping serving of helpful antioxidants!

Here are some great ways to make cabbage juice:

  1. Place the cabbage in the juicer and juice away! Voila ! Juice!

  2. Buy fermented cabbage juice (Fermented Farmhouse is a great brand that is available at almost all health stores).

  3. If you ferment your own cabbage, the brine is a great probiotic rich in cabbage juice.


You can make your own fermented foods or, purchase them if you’d like! When purchasing fermented foods, be sure that they have no added sugar and are stocked in the refrigerator section of the grocery store. Note: Spicy kimchi is an excellent way to open up your nasal passages!


You can make your own broth or stock from grass-fed beef or chicken. Afterwards, you can add carrots, celery, and any other desired veggies. For taste, you can throw a little salt in so long as it’s high quality; Real Salt, Celtic salt, or Eden are great brand examples but there are many more you can find at the store.


Pour a cup of H2O, add squeezed lemon (which will boost your vitamin C and add electrolytes), and/or add a pinch of high quality salt in your water and guzzle!


If you have a nasal steamer, add a few drops of eucalyptus and oregano essential oils in. For a similar effect, you can also add them into your shower while it’s steams. You can purchase essential oils at your local health food store or by clicking here. NOTE: Do not apply essential oils on the skin as they may cause irritation.


A wonderful and natural antifungal and antiviral tool is colloidal silver. You can purchase it in a couple different forms, but the nasal spray is great for running noses and sinus congestion. Check out your local health food store or click here to purchase Bioactive Silver spray by Sovereign Silver.

Take good care of yourself!

Be well,

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