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Banana Macaroons

Banana Macaroons


1 Greenish banana

1Tbsp coconut flour

1 egg

1 Tbsp. Milk (Coconut Milk-Native forest simple in a can for dairy free) Raw Cow or Goat milk

Coconut oil- cold pressed and unrefined

Optional ingredients:

Dash of Cinnamon to taste

Dash of Vanilla bean to taste

1 scoop Collagen Vital Protein (a great protein add in)


  1. Preheat oven to 350° F

  2. Smash Banana with a fork

  3. Combine all ingredients in a bowl with smashed banana

  4. Mix

  5. Grease baking dish generously with coconut oil (when the macaroons bake they will absorb the coconut oil)

  6. Bake for 10-15min-check if there done by poking with a fork to make sure they aren’t gooey or notice if the edges get golden brown, they are done.


A little add on-They are great with added butter, ghee or coconut oil spread on once done.

For egg free

Substitute: ½ tbsp. coconut flour and 1 Tbsp. more of milk in place of an egg


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