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Lotion with a Nutritional Twist


Recently I did a talk on our Microbiome or good gut bacteria and the importance of what we can do to feed and support our good gut bacteria on a daily basis. Due to time restraints we weren’t able to really discuss the importance of what goes on our skin and the importance of it role in our gut bacteria’s health. THE #1 rule is that you SHOULD NOT put anything on your skin that you “could” not eat. Personal products from: lotions, hair products, shaving gel, makeup and ultimately anything you put on your skin is absorbed directly into body. In fact, Transdermal therapy to replenish vitamins and minerals is often used for healthy individuals to replenish. AND is extremely beneficial for individuals with compromised digestion. To read more about the benefits of transdermal therapy click HERE. But that said take a look at your personal products and if it says CAUTION DO NOT INGEST it may need a deeper look at the ingredient list. Chemicals and preservatives assault our healthy gut bacteria, deflate it. We want to keep the good bacteria happy and healthy so it can: create digestive enzymes, produce vitamins, elevate mood, and much much more. Enjoy this lotion recipe with a nutritional twist that supplies sulfur directly to our skin. Sulfur provides anti-aging properties, provides enzymes for detoxification, and more. It is always great to replenish our sulfur as it is easily depleted in our daily lives and times of stress. Make your own Lotion with just 4 Ingredients!! Nutritional twist lotion: 1 cup Cocoa butter ½ cup Coconut oil ¼ cup Shea butter 2 scoops MSM powder AKA sulfur (OPTIONAL) Instructions:

  1. Melt all ingredients in a double boiler on Low heat. A glass measuring cup inside a stove pan works great.

  2. Remove from heat when melted about 5-10 minutes.

  3. Add 2 scoops MSM (sulfur) powder (Optional) but a great nutritional twist) available on full script on my store HERE.

  4. Set in the fridge or freezer about 15-20 minutes until liquid turns to a milky color again not quite solid but still stir-able.

  5. Whip. Use a hand blender or blender to whip until a lotion consistency occurs.

  6. Transfer to jars and enjoy as you would lotion.

All ingredients are available except MSM powder at your local health food store or on my Fullscript button at my store HERE. Best in Health, Stephanie Brening, NTP

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