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DIY Dishwasher detergent


Making your own dishwasher detergent makes your wallet happy, your dishes happy, the environment happy, and your body happy especially your beneficial bacteria read below. It is non- toxic and gets your dishes sparkling.


1 cup Arm & Hammer Super Washing soda (approx. $3.70 a box)-makes approx. 6 batches ($1.62 a batch)

1/2 cup sea salt (I use Haine sea salt approx. $2.00 a jar)- makes approx. 4 batches ($0.50 cents a batch)

1/4 cup non GMO citric acid. ($8.00 5 lb. bag)-makes approx. 40 batches ($0.20 cents a batch).

Directions. Combine and fill dishwasher as you would with other powder detergent and wash.

Total Cost is $2.32 for a batch which gives you approx. 10-12 loads.

***Cleaning with less harsh chemicals in your home actually makes your Mircrobiome or Beneficial Bacteria that live in our gut healthier!!! Having healthier beneficial bacteria in our guts gives us endless positives:

  • We are more easily able to assimilate nutrients from our food.

  • Handle stress better

  • Create our own internal B vitamins

  • Create better moods

  • Decrease skin breakouts and or rashes

  • and much much more. . . . . . .

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